Lisa Wilson reveals her secrets to shed toxic gunk, reduce cellulite,
and get a lean, sculpted body
(even if you’re 50+)!


Get a Lean, Sculpted
Body at Any Age!

Go from puffy and bloated to
“WOW!” in only 5 days
March 29th-April 2nd
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Get access to Lisa Wilson’s proven plan for a lean, sculpted body (even if you’re 50+)!

In just 5 days, you’ll discover …

How to quickly shift into a
The 2 BEST places to blast
cellulite and toxic inches!
The #1 thing Lisa ALWAYS takes
to the gym
and never leaves home!
Lisa’s secrets to reverse wrinkles
and saggy skin
(without needles)!
Simple steps you can take right
now to get a full body glow (and
feel AMAZING even in a swimsuit)!

As Seen In …

As Seen In …

Experience 5 Days Of

Lisa Wilson, Blue Diamond doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Owner of The Raw Food Institute!

Hi, I’m Lisa Wilson! I’ve dedicated my entire life to figuring out how our bodies thrive using plant medicine, natural herbs, living foods, essential oils, and anything pure that I could get my hands on.

I’ve always said, “My body is one big science experiment.” Now, I’m taking everything I’ve learned when it comes to lead body sculpting and natural age reversal – and I’m sharing it with you, for 5 whole days!

Body Glow Week will show you how easy it can be for anyone of any age or fitness level to get rid of toxins that keep our bodies aging faster than they should.

Get ready for a week of F-U-N (and surprising shares you won’t hear anywhere else)!

See you for Body Glow Week!



When Lisa hosts FREE events like this, MAGIC HAPPENS!


I have to say that I was truly amazed by your wisdom and knowledge. the recipes were simply delicious and yummy..this program was truly a blessing to me..
Blessings to you and your staff.


Lisa Wilson is an amazing teacher. What I have learned from you is priceless. I really like the idea that I do not have to be 100% ALL IN raw. Fer me it is not an opyion. BUT with what you have taught there are chioces that can be made to easily improvemy health. If you are the wee bit interested in learning how you can change your diet and your health or that of a loved one, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what is offered. There is no magic pill that will provide you with how you will look and feel when you use what was put on this earth for us to partake in. Thank you for your support, effort and your heart. I am forever grateful that you are in my life.


What a great experience I learned so much from Lisa. You openly and excitedly share all your knowledge in a down to earth way. You make it fun!!! And I felt great! Thank you Lisa!


Get a Lean, Sculpted Body at Any Age!

Go from puffy and bloated to “WOW!” in only 5 days

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